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Human Services Program Efficiency and Accountability

Dr. Nelson


21st Century Research and Evaluations, Inc. was founded by Randy B. Nelson, Ph.D., in 1997. 21st Century was created with the vision of finding solutions for today's societal problems, particularly those affecting disadvantaged communities. By developing individualized research and evaluation techniques customized for the human services field, 21st Century has been able to provide thorough and accurate research designs, program planning and evaluations, systems management and policy analysis to local and state governments, the academic community and various non-profit organizations.



November 2008

A Four-Artery Biopsy Report: Florida's Juvenile Justice System, Florida A&M University Institute on Urban Policy and Commerce

June 2008

Juvenile Workforce Development Initiative Evaluation, Florida Prevention Association


  • A wealth of experience in conducting studies that impact policies relating to children and family services
  • Training in program efficiency and accountability
  • New and innovative approaches to program evaluation
  • Realistic and effective community-based prevention strategies
  • Practical approaches to research
  • Data collection and analyses